Jimmy Lee – Raphael Saadiq. But I have something that I think is worth coming out. Designer – Aldous Harding. Can you tell me a little about the live show? You used to go to a lot of raves when you were younger. Universal acclaim – based on 12 Ratings.

jackson and his computerband smash

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It was written with my girlfriend.

Quick catch-up: Jackson & His Computerband

View more related articles. Jimmy Lee – Raphael Saadiq. Do you love good music? Out of Sight – Jake Xerxes Fussell.

jackson and his computerband smash

See all 9 User Reviews. Reward – Cate Le Bon. And the lyrical themes? Do you still feel connected to that at all? I wanted to create this universe, this atmosphere, this world, with this kind of half-made, and has this magical aura. There is far too much going on at times. Dummy were crazy excited to hear that, after an eight year absence, a certain Warp-signed artist would be returning with a brand new album.


Did you use them as a chance to experiment? Can you tell me a little about the ideas you had for the visual direction surrounding the album?

‎Smash by Jackson and His Computer Band on iTunes

Log in to finish rating Smash. And there is Cosmo Brown snash G. The hardest thing for me was to organise everyday life. But I have something that I think is worth coming out. Four years in the making, French electronica producer Jackson Fourgeaud’s debut disc includes vocals from guests Mike Ladd as well as several of Jackson’s family members.

Smash by Jackson & His Computer Band Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

Rich and tasty, flavour of trance, a bit of pop as well. Jackson and his computer are now one of my favourite artists. You used to go to a lot of raves when you were younger.

Was it always your intention to bring in quite a lot of other people? Unfortunately, the record fails at times to live up to its largesse.


But the moment I decided to get my head into finishing the project — I guess it took two years. Looking backwards, this sounds like Justice, Caligula – Lingua Ignota. Because a lot of them are really unconventional.

Do you feel they helped you develop your ideas? I find it funny.

jackson and his computerband smash

I usually do them for friends — I try to please them, more than anything else. All this publication’s reviews.

Dusted Reviews

Hix long does it take you to get a track together from start to finish? Everything else is bullshit. One of the best albums i’ve ever heard.