Semua video adalah hasil permintaan subscriber. Recording Industry Association Of Malaysia. New Straits Times Sunday. Feel free to comment and view. Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 5 May This album includes a special CD and DVD for behind the scenes and music videos for two songs from the same album.

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Posted by koircute at airu Canda, Tangis, Ketawa, Duka Retrieved 18 May CT Best 6 Video album Released: Views Read Edit View history. New Straits Times Sunday. Retrieved 12 June Our congratulations and our thanks to His Royal Highness for making Bruneians proud of being Bruneians. Please check with Cik Nadia. Subscribe kami tanpa segan silu.

Sejahtera Malaysia | Lagu Patriotik | Karaoke Minus One | Tanpa Vokal HD

A theme song for movie Puteri Gunung Ledang. Also known as 1Malaysia song [82] [note 5]where she did a recording with [82] – Atilia, Bob, Danell LeeReshmonuSuki Low and Zainal Abidin in conjunction with Malaysia’s Government Transformation Programme to commemorate the first year of its achievements.


Isa 21 January Inher album sales alone contributed to 10 percent of Malaysia’s total album sales. A previously unreleased song by Whitney Houston. Archived from the original on 20 November Kepada mu oh pertiwi Kasih ku abadi Sejati murni Rela ku berbakti meski berkorban diri Padamu ku curah sumpah setia dan janji Dirgahayu Oh tanahairku Sanggar Mustika Studio Album Released: Utusan Malaysia Online in Malay.

Klasik Compilation album Released: Performed during Palestinian charity concert, Konsert Atas Kemanusian. Dirgahayu tanah airku minus one theme song for movie Kayangan.

Will be featured in Sami Yusuf ‘s latest album, Salaam where the song was recorded in three different languages – ArabicMalay and English. Jaclyn Victor – Dirgahayu Tanahair Ku. This is a list of albums and singles by Siti Nurhaliza where she has sold an estimated of more than 4.

Sejahtera Malaysia | Lagu Patriotik | Karaoke Minus One | Tanpa Vokal HD

A special song promoting Kuala Lumpur. Cute faces and beautiful voices of SK Bukit Jelutong. Faizal 12 December Theme song for a Malay Drama, Spa Q 2.


Dirgahayy Best 3 Video album Released: It was the first time that Brunei Darussalam as the smallest member nation hosted it. A theme song for foundation that she has been an ambassador to since Prasasti Seni Studio Album Released: Come on choir members join in Konsert Lentera Timur Unplugged Fragmen Studio Album Released: